Waterfront Building at Indian Beach

Since our last update:

Waterfront Building

We’ve accomplished quite a bit, we’ll start with the cliffs notes and dial into each item.

  • Framing has been completed and all windows and doors have been installed
  • Rough ins are about 90% complete and will be 100% by the end of the week
  • The pool shell and pool deck have been poured
  • The roof has been stocked with tile
  • Stucco has been 100% installed
  • The exterior has been partially primed for paint

Framing a new home in Sarasota

In order to achieve the high level 5 finish and Venetian plaster finishes going into this home our framing has to be perfect. Not only do we hire top tier tradesmen we also utilize material that is specially developed for the humid climate in which we build.

Plumbing, Electric, HVAC and Security

At this stage of construction we are “roughing in” everything that will be concealed by the next phase of construction. Once this is completed and inspected we will spray/install insulation and then install drywall.

Pool/Pool Deck

This house has a very unique pool in that it directly buts to the structure of the house. This was something that was considered during engineering so that the stucco from the house would plane out perfectly with the pool tile.

Roof Tile

Its important to load the roof prior to installing drywall. At this point we don’t necessarily want the tile installed as our painters would have to walk on it to complete their work but we do want the weight of the tile on the roof. Having the weight on the roof and properly distributed ensures that the roof trusses will lay properly while we install drywall.


We use a special system in order to ensure a perfect stucco finish. If you’d like to know more please contact us!


We’ve just begun priming and staining our exterior soffit material. The exterior color has been selected and we will be rolling walls shortly

Our Last Update at Indian Beach

Stofft Cooney

Sarasota Custom Homes

The area at the front door will receive stone cladding

Sarasota Custom Homes

The roof is evenly stocked to ensure proper drywall installation

Sarasota Custom Homes

Walls are primed and ready for paint



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