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“I have been working with Rich Perrone and Perrone Construction since 1983. His eye for detail, superior quality of construction and the ability to deliver a beautiful home on time and within budget all while keeping the client confident and happy have put Perrone Construction at the top of the list of Sarasota’s luxury custom builders. In addition to the many homes he has built for my clients he has built one home for me personally and remodeled another. I would not hesitate to recommend Perrone Construction.”

Clifford Scholz, AIA, Clifford Scholz Architects, Inc.

“We have designed several homes for Perrone Construction and have developed an outstanding relationship with their company. Each one of the Perrone Construction team members brings great qualities to the table, which ultimately creates award winning projects.

Specifically, we have noticed they pay close attention to the details. This character trait is extremely sought after and difficult to find.”

Jeremy Driskell, Stofft Cooney Architects

“As you know today we have sold the third of our developed properties in Westway, Lido Shores, Sarasota. After completing three homes of this caliber, which we consider to be top of the line in quality and style in the Sarasota area, we want to thank you, your sons and your associates. Without your determination, capacity, professionalism and organization, we would not have been able to achieve the great results we did.

We hope to be able to work together again in this area on some new project.

All the best to you and your great family.”

Adrienne and Gigi Vittadinin

“I’d like to share my thoughts about Rich Perrone (Perrone Builders) as it relates to the AIA Builder of the Year. As you’re aware, Mary & I have done 3 major home construction projects and I’ve done dozens & dozens of commercial/industrial buildings in my business career. While we appreciate the significance of the Builder of the Year designation, in Mary & my mind Rich is more of the “Builder of a Lifetime” because our home we can treasure for our lifetime. What makes Rich different? I can address Rich’s uniqueness in the “Four P’s”: Process, People, Problem Solver and Pride. Let me put some meat on the bones for each of the “P’s”:

Process: The Perrone construction project management process is second to none and includes dates, deliverables and responsibility ….on both the builder side and owner side. The amazing project management template was the a primary reason for selecting Rich as our builder. The project management process has communication embedded throughout the Gantt chart….there is nothing better than top-shelf communication in a construction project where Rich excels. Finally “attention to detail” really separates Perrone from his competition. From the largest concept such as street presence to the smallest feature such as hardware, Perrone focuses on every detail. Process + Communication + Attention to Detail results in superior execution on the part of Perrone.

People: When you hire the best people you get the best outcome. The Field Supervision (Scott & Jim) are second to none. The Office Team (Amy) manages the details flawlessly. A seamless working relationship between the architect & builder makes execution easier and more successful. The Perrone collaborative team approach to the entire project makes it a win:win outcome for all the key constituencies (architect/sub-contractors/employees/homeowner). Perrone has the best in breed as it relates to construction management talent.

Problem Solver: We’ve all had people in our lives that present options but never make a decision. Rich is decisive and relays the options and pro’s and con’s of the various options….and he’s not bashful about a recommendation. Every problem isn’t a problem….it’s an opportunity. Rich is a “glass is half full” kind of guy which makes every mountain climbable. Rich’s Can-Do attitude is infectious which keeps momentum on the job day in and day out.

Pride: After 30+ years in the business how does Rich constantly want to build “the best home ever”? At this stage of most builders careers, it’s “just another home”…..that is NOT Rich Perrone. The home is a reflection of Rich and he has total Pride-of-Outcome. He has a keen eye for details and style and works seamlessly with architect/owner to deliver a product which makes all of us Proud. Rich is a unique builder where that passion and pride is the cornerstone of the Perrone construction machine…..Rich wants to be a winner and make sure every home he delivers is “the best home ever”.”

J. Norton

“Perrone Construction showed dedication to finish work on time and with proper scheduling during construction of our home. They were helpful in making recommendations and direction on final design. The special attention to detail was impressive resulting in a custom job well done. I was kept well informed on the progress of the project while out of town. There was cooperation from the planning stage, throughout the construction changes with the staff being both professional and personable.

I would not hesitate to refer Perrone Construction to other clients who are also in need of quality services.”

Bill Martin

“Please excuse my belated thank you note for the lovely flowers + Dom Perignon Champagne. We really love our new Perrone “Mini Mansion” our 3rd. We intend to enjoy the champagne and I’m sure Rich, you will have lovely community here when you are finished.”

Doug and Shary Chapman

“It is actually hard to fully articulate the quality and character of Rich Perrone and the team at Perrone Construction. We have been in the area for almost 20 years and I have worked with a lot of builders, both personally and professionally, and none come even close to Perrone. From a quality standpoint Rich simply builds a house that is “head and shoulders” above other local builders. The care and pride that goes into the home is truly amazing. No detail is overlooked and it is abundantly clear that they think of home building as a craft and an art.

In the world of production builders, it is great to see a company that has prospered for decades with a simply philosophy to just have a better product. The building landscape is so competitive but Perrone has not strayed from  its core belief that quality will always persevere. What is equally as impressive as the quality of the home, is the honest and ethical way they treat their clients. Perrone establishes that feeling of trust and transparency early on and you are assured that your builder has your best interests in mind. While you may not love every answer you always know that it is the truth and delivered with the respect you want in this type of relationship. This approach to customer service is so unique in an industry that is unfortunately wrought with fraud, abuse and distrust.

Perrone has also created a building process that is unmatched in the industry. A combination of communication, transparency and disclosure transforms a process that most dread into something where the customer feels valued and included. I often hear that the home construction process is so frustrating that many would prefer to buy and existing home versus build and Perrone has developed a system that allows customers to feel engaged. Obviously, issues will arise during a construction process but managing expectations and communication is key to resolution and Perrone wrote the playbook in this regard. It is without hesitation that I can unequivocally say that Perrone Construction is the best builder in the area. The homes are absolutely stunning and the business operates with integrity and trust.”

Will S. 

“We completed out home with Perrone Construction this past winter. The process and product was excellent. From the architect they referred us to through to the trades – all were professional and timely. As we live out of the country, building a house from afar can present some challenges but Perrone Construction recognized that and assisted in anyway they could to ensure the building process went smoothly.

The finished product is gorgeous with more details than I was even aware of during the build. We are very happy with our new home.”

Nancy Evans

“We completed out home with Perrone Construction this past winter. The process and product was excellent. From the architect they referred us to through to the trades – all were professional and timely. As we live out of the country, building a house from afar can present some challenges but Perrone Construction recognized that and assisted in anyway they could to ensure the building process went smoothly.

The finished product is gorgeous with more details than I was even aware of during the build. We are very happy with our new home.”

Nancy Evans

“Ten years ago, I met with Rich Perrone on an empty lot to talk about a home I wanted to build. He was very informative, showed me several other homes he had built and assured me that he would provide me with the same quality and attention to detail that I had seen in these homes. I contracted with Rich to build my 7800 sq. ft. house feeling comfortable that I would receive the same level of home he had shown me. And I did! About 6 years later I decided to do a small addition to the house and asked Rich to do this for me. His son Ricky was the project manager and did a wonderful job. Last year, 2012, I again decided to make changes and Rich and Ricky again provided the quality I had expected and the changes were made with efficiency and actually completed the work earlier than expected. Each time we were pleased with the pricing and cost of the construction. There were even times when pricing came in lower than expected and the amount was credited back to me.

My husband and I are always pleased with Perrone Construction and would highly recommend them to anyone who will be building or modifying their home.”

Denise and John Saputo

“It is with pleasure that I offer my support of Richard Perrone, founder of Perrone Construction in Sarasota Florida, for AIA Builder of the Year. I have had the opportunity to work with Rich directly in both a builder/architect relationship as well as a builder peer relationship and can say that Rich and his team at Perrone Construction are one of the finest and most enduring high end custom home builders that I have had the honor to work with.

In every aspect of the construction business, from project acquisition to project close out Perrone’s systems based approach to building has withstood the test of time as proven by his 38 year track record of ongoing excellence as well as the numerous awards and accolades that Perrone has received over the past many years. By employing the same systems based approach to every project the construction team as well as the client and subcontractors can rely on consistency throughout the construction process as well as a level of attention to detail that is rarely seen in today’s fast paced world.

Rich is one of the rare builder’s that can recall nearly every detail of every home that he has constructed with precise clarity. While other builder’s rely on their construction teams to keep their projects in check, Perrone has his finger on all aspects of each project allowing him to remain fully informed of the status of each project and to speak with clarity and confidence when talking with architects and designers, clients, subcontractors and vendors. A quality that
seems lost with many of today’s builders remains strong in Perrone’s organization and continues to be a hall mark of their ongoing success.

In closing I feel that the best recommendation that I can offer is to say that should I have the need or the desire to have someone other than myself build my own home, there is no question that firm would be Perrone Construction. I consistently recommend Richard and his very talented team at Perrone construction to all clients with whom I work that do not already have a builder attached. If Perrone is on the project, I know that the design will be executed
fully as intended and that the project as a whole is in the best of hands.”

Rick Oswald, Oz Planning and Design

“As an interior designer fortunate to work with many builders – I was truly impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail provided by Perrone Construction to our clients. They went out of their way to make the clients happy with all aspects of the construction phase. Their skilled sub-contractors were also very detail oriented and professional. It was a pleasure collaborating with their team.”

Cheryl Smith, Cheryl Smith Interiors

“Perrone construction built a 9,200 square foot home for me, gulf front, on Siesta Key approximately seven years ago. The project went very smoothly and Perrone’s approach to the project was very professional and fun. There was no demand of mine that was not met promptly and in a professional manner. My home was delivered on time and I had a great time working with Rich and his team to develop some very creative ideas. He was very good at interpreting my visions and turning them into something tangible.

Because of the involvement of Perrone Construction, I was able to make my dream house a reality. They earned my confidence and worked hard to maintain the confidence throughout the entire process. Not only were they professional and courteous, but extremely helpful from the initial design stages to the finished product. Perrone construction was able to create a unique, attractive, and fun-loving home and they were there every step of the way. They have been extremely attentive and dedicated, even long after my home was finished. I would give Perrone Construction my highest recommendation.”

Brian C. James M.D.

“I first worked with Perrone Construction on a large custom home in Lido Shores in 2003. Since then, we have completed five luxury residences varying from single family residences to high rise condominiums. Their care to detail, job site management and schedule adherence has proven consistent and a company core value.

Perrone project managers are consummate professionals that are dedicated to the job. Perrone consistently employs the most professional and competent sub-contractors which they hold accountable to the highest level of workmanship. Perrone strictly obeys all rules and regulations set forth by the city, county and the bylaws of the community or condominium associations for which they are working.

The thing I admire most about Perrone Construction is their daily method of being the best. Their professionalism along with strong core values are qualities that are hard to come by in the construction industry.”

Holly Dennis, Hughes Design Associates

“When we hear so many times from associates how frustrating it is to build, we were apprehensive. However, from our very first meeting it was apparent that you were well organized and very professional the only surprises we received were pleasant and the job came in on time and on budget.”

Douglas Chapman

“Sometimes in our busy schedules at work and in our lives we forget the truly important things in life. I just wanted to stop for a moment to thank you for all of your efforts and accomplishments on our new home. The house is everything we wanted it to be and more. Your entire firm provided us with the professional and experienced skills that brought the whole project together with great results. It is this ability and the will to “get it right” that sets your firm at the top of your profession. Susan and I both thank you again.”

Clifford Scholz, AIA, Clifford Scholz Architects, Inc.

“Hi Rich…thanks so much…your web site looks very good and so do you with the pics…over thirty years…kids are beating up your house here at 222 Sarastoga…but its tough to sink a great battleship with the quality you put into it…again, thanks for all the time, effort, hard work and perfection with which you built our humble abode….our eight gremlins want nothing more than to stay home from school all day and enjoy the home that Rich Perrone built!”
Bob Groskopf
“Hi Rich…thanks so much…your web site looks very good and so do you with the pics…over thirty years…kids are beating up your house here at 222 Sarastoga…but its tough to sink a great battleship with the quality you put into it…again, thanks for all the time, effort, hard work and perfection with which you built our humble abode….our eight gremlins want nothing more than to stay home from school all day and enjoy the home that Rich Perrone built!”
Bob Groskopf

“We are loving the new changes in our home. Thank you for doing the work in a timely manner. Ricky, Jim and Rick did all they could to make the construction progress as painless as possible. They were all so willing to please. I appreciate the care you and your staff take to do the best work possible.”

Denise and John Saputo

“The flower arrangement was just perfect. We appreciate your thoughtfulness! Thanks a million for all the helpful advice and special attention you gave to the house. We can’t even imagine not having had you build it for us. It is beautiful and we receive so many comments. If ever you need to show it to potential clients please feel free to call. It started as a stressful experience for us but you made it a pleasure.”

Joe and Faith

“We have the great pleasure of recommending Richard Perrone, President of Perrone Construction, for the AIA
Builder of the Year! As a firm that desires attention to detail, we have consistently been impressed with Richard
Perrone’s involvement, construction practices and overall finished products.

Our clients demand a high level, sophisticated design, and Stofft Cooney Architects has been extremely thankful
when Perrone Construction has been awarded the contract to build our clients’ homes. Richard is heavily
involved early in the design phase to bridge the gap from design goals to monetary goals. During the budget
review process, Richard provides insightful construction methods to meet not only our expectations, but also
the clients’ expectations.

Upon numerous site visits during construction of our homes, it is clearly evident that Mr. Perrone demands his
team to maintain tested & proven construction standards, jobsite order & cleanliness and a concentrated vision
of the finished product, all while balancing the timeline. It is admirable when sub-contractors express to us that
when working on a Perrone Construction project, they want to ensure their work practice is above and beyond
to meet the level of expectations set forth by Richard.

Building the homes that we design can push limits in several categories. Richard has displayed the character
that can balance the emotions of homeowners; not compromise quality; and provide serene coordination of
sub-contractors throughout the construction process with the end goal of presenting the finished product: a
tangible, yet emotional link to safety, comfort and joy…otherwise known as “our client’s dream home”.
It is with a sincere request that you strongly review Richard Perrone’s resume for the consideration of AIA
Builder of the Year. We are confident that you will be pleased, as have been our clients, with the results.”

Jeremy Driskell- Senior Project Manager, Stofftt Cooney Architects

“As you are aware, Perone Construction of Sarasota contracted through us to remodel the ****** residence at The Ritz.

I would not hesitate to call upon Richard Perrone and Perrone Constructioni asked to recommend a contractor for The Ritz. He also proved knowledgeable of the rules and requirements at The Ritz and, to my knowledge, abided by each.

If you would like to speak to me personally about Perrone Construction or the project please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at ***-***-****”

Phillip Maroney

“I contracted with Perrone Construction Company in the Fall of 2008 for a renovation and addition to my home at *** Halyard Lane on Longboat Key. Ricky Perrone, son of the owner of the company, was assigned to the project. His company connected me with a local draftsman whose company created a very well thought out and practical design for the addition and for an extremely low price. This cost effective philosophy continued during the construction process in that Ricky always bid eligible subcontractors to get the best pricing and made enough site visits to properly manage all of the work. Ricky also made sure his dad was aware of the progress of construction and his dad attended my monthly visits to assure me that all the experience of his company was behind the job.

The final product turned out much better than I expected and at a reasonable cost. I was very fortunate that Perrone took my job since their reputation is that of a contractor of more elegant homes.

It is with no hesitation that I would recommend them to anyone who has need of a contractor for a residential project in the Sarasota area.”

W.F. Johnston

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