Villa Azure: Second Floor Ledgers and Trusses

This New Custom Home Now Has A Second Floor

Our masonry crew has poured the first level beams and columns and stripped forms and for the time being the framing crew will be taking over installing and then shoring the floor system that the masons will lay up second level block work from. This new custom home has the majority of its living space on the first level so the second floor area is relatively small. The trusses are delivered the day prior to the framers arriving and a lull is brought in to lift them to the second level.


How its Done

  • Our masons embedded j bolts in to the tie beam during the pour this is what the floor trusses are secured to.
  • The framers drill holes into the ledger boards and then slip those boards over the embedded bolts and tighten everyhting down per the engineers specifications
  • Once the ledger is in place each truss is lifted into position. Theres a specific plan with spacing provided by the truss engineer that needs to be carefully followed
  • Once the trusses are in place they are secured per the engineers specifications
  • A single layer of 3/4″ plywood is installed, a second 3/4″ layer will follow once the roof has been “dried in”
  • This floor system is then shored beneath during block loading for the second floor block

New Custom Home

Shoring is left in place on freestanding beams until the concrete has fully cured

New Custom Home

Trusses are dropped the day before installation in order to keep them fresh

New Custom Home

Framers prepare ledgers for installation

New Custom Home

Window openings at the front of the home

New Custom Home

A view of the bottom side of the trusses prior to sheathing installation

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