Our company president, Ricky Perrone, has always been passionate about sharing his expertise on waterfront custom home construction. Many local Realtors utilize his industry knowledge when assisting their clients with the purchase or sale of waterfront property which has led to his recent involvement with the Realtor Association of Sarasota Manatee as a guest instructor for their waterfront designation continuing education course.

This course is offered twice a year and is a valuable tool for agents in our area. Understanding the complexities of waterfront construction is imperative when selling homes in Sarasota and her islands as real estate values continue to rise along the coast.

Rick Perrone - Waterfront Home Course

What do you need to know when building a custom waterfront home in Sarasota?

Having built luxury custom homes in nearly every waterfront neighborhood in Sarasota and understanding the unique nuances of each, Perrone Construction is uniquely poised to assist clients in finding, evaluating and building upon the right property. Through our vast network of Realtor connections and intimate knowledge of waterfront home building practices we can help you every step of the way.

One of the key time periods for understanding if a property will suit your needs is during the due diligence period of your real estate purchase agreement. During his course, Ricky shared the following tips to guide buyers on their search to find the best waterfront property in Sarasota:

  • Frame out what’s achievable. Understanding what you can accomplish during your due diligence period will ensure confidence in your acquisition. This includes comprehensive survey work, soil testing and seawall assessment.
  • Bring a contractor in early. While searching for the perfect property, a contractor can serve as a valuable resource as you begin to understand what you can build and help give an assessment on the lot itself.
  • Start your wish list. A good contractor has worked with many design professionals and can help build your design team during the due diligence period to get a jump start on their conceptual design. A conceptual design can help with your decision to move forward with your purchase, or even to get excited about your upcoming project. You’ll be surprised at what’s discovered during this process and will gain a greater sense of confidence moving into your project.
  • Research flood zones. Most waterfront properties in Sarasota fall within the AE and VE flood zones. Understanding these flood zones and the elevations of your property are crucial. There are other factors to consider such as the Coastal Control Line (CCL) or Gulf Beach Setback Line (GBSL) which is unique to Sarasota County. Hiring a knowledgeable waterfront contractor will help you navigate the local and state governing bodies and regulations.
  • Understand waterfront construction considerations. If building waterfront, will it be on spread footer or piling? This can have a significant impact on the overall construction timeline and cost. It is determined by the flood zone requirements, CCL and soil conditions.
  • Consider what’s above and below ground. Other considerations include environmental factors, such as protected trees and vegetation or even archaeological dig sites. Sarasota’s waterfront is scattered with middens and other historical relics, the Indigenous tribes loved the waterfront too!
  • Plan for the future. Talk to your contractor about their waterfront building practices, materials and techniques. You are making a huge investment that you want to ensure will withstand the test of time not only in its beauty, but with the structural integrity against the coast’s harsh waterfront conditions.


These are just a few of the key takeaways that Ricky shared with the Realtor Association, however if you would like to read the full article on due diligence and what we advise if you are looking to build new construction, check out our other blog “Due Diligence Checklist.

Sarasota Construction by Perrone Construction
Sarasota New Waterfront Construction

We are big advocates of true to style architecture and hiring an architect.

Our firm is a true custom home builder, meaning that each home we build is designed by an architect for our client’s needs and for the unique property on which it sits. Over the course of our forty-two year history building Sarasota’s most notable homes, we’ve come to work with some of the nation’s most talented architects.

Having an architect tailor a bespoke home to your property versus building from a plan book not only elevates your lifestyle as you live in the home, it pays dividends on the resale value, especially in the luxury home market. Buyers of luxury waterfront homes are very discerning and understand the importance of true to style architecture and good design. Hiring an architect allows the owner to capture the most sought after views and emphasize the advantages of the property, much like the analogy of tailoring a well designed suit to flatter your figure.

Our infectious love of architecture and passion for discovery lead to professional collaborations bringing innovative styles, trend setting design and progressive techniques to waterfront construction that result in true-to-style homes that withstand the test of time.

If you have any questions about building a custom waterfront home or are currently looking for property, we are happy to be a resource to you. Please feel free to reach out to us, it is simply our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with you.