Villa Azure Footer Pour!

Our newest Longboat Key custom home has had footers poured and block stocked.

Last week we poured the second of two footer pours at this new Longboat Key custom home. This is the final step before laying up the block which will form the stem wall.

This project has a very unique pool which abuts the house and required our team to dig one section of footer much lower than the others. Because of its proximity to the water and the depth of this one section of footing dewatering was necessary for the earlier footer pour.

The prep for this second pour was the same as the first. First the corners are pinned and a benchmark set by the surveyor. Second the footers are laid out and then dug. Once the footers are dug they are compacted and then tested by a geological testing company to make sure the compaction conforms to specification. Next the masonry contractor installs the steel according to the engineered drawings, once the steel is inspected we are ready to pour. Each pour on one of these homes has a different design mix, the concrete is tested to confirm that it conforms to the engineers specifications.

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