The Art of Due Diligence: New Construction

Time spent assessing a property in advance pays tremendous dividends in peace of mind and lays the groundwork for a smooth process as you build. Below are just a few high points, however, for a more in-depth approach please give us a call. We take great joy in helping others by sharing our expertise.

  • A survey is a critical part of the due diligence process. Using a good surveyor and requesting the right information upfront will leave you ready to start construction. Don’t assume that they surveyor will automatically record the necessary information required to build. We have a comprehensive list of what should be included in your survey and what things to look out for. We’d be happy to share with you!
  • Soils borings are something unfamiliar to many clients. It’s a relatively inexpensive practice that will need to be done at some point during the design process. The nice thing about doing it during due diligence is that if there are any issues found with subsurface soils conditions, they can be reviewed with the owner for possible concessions on the purchase price.
  • Conceptual design is another great due diligence tool. When there is enough time allotted during your due diligence period, a site study and initial conceptual design with renderings and a floor plan can be developed specifically for your property. It will show how a property can accommodate a home with the programming you would set forth. The added benefit is that you can get a jump on the architectural design. With highly visual people, it is a great tool to start getting excited about your new custom home.

Authored by Ricky Perrone, President, Perrone Construction

New construction on Bird Key, Sarasota, Florida.
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