As featured in international luxury investment and lifestyle magazine, Abode2, Perrone Construction is highlighted as a premiere builder for international real estate buyers on Florida’s gulf coast.



Accustomed to building for clients who live abroad, many rely on Perrone Construction to spearhead their projects for them, including assembling the design team from architect and engineers to interior designer and landscape architect.Their strict focus on luxury waterfront construction for over four decades has led their team to build some of Sarasota, Florida’s most notable homes.

The idiosyncrasies of custom home design come in many expressions, but perhaps not always as unconventional as the request put before Perrone Construction in 1980, from a famous sports agent to reinforce a chandelier so his party guests (pro-athletes) could swing from it. This unusual request and the expertise to deliver, has come to define Perrone Construction as a client-centric, concierge-style builder. Whilst not all requests are quite as dramatic, Perrone Construction remains committed to delivering larger-than-life visions to all of its clients. 

Perrone Construction has a reputation in Sarasota for their unrelenting pursuit of providing the very best for their clients, from the onset of design, throughout the management of tradesmen, the materials used in construction, the level of detail in their finishes and the overall client experience. Having built Sarasota’s finest waterfront homes for over four decades, Perrone Construction brings timeless quality to Florida’s coastline. 

A hallmark of Perrone’s approach is their ability to streamline a complex process and manage it on behalf of clientele who are busy in both their personal and professional lives. Clients are able to rely on the company to expertly manage and execute their vision, including assembling the design team; from architects and engineers to interior designers and landscape architects, through their vast network of design professionals and tradesmen. 

Through an in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuances of building in coastal locations and working with some of the most celebrated design teams in the world, Perrone Construction has established itself as the epitome of timeless luxury waterfront homes in Sarasota, Florida. From land procurement through to project completion and maintenance of the homes they build, the company prides itself on providing a seamless experience for clients so that they can enjoy the process of bringing their property to life. 

Each home built by Perrone is meticulously planned through the lens of the area’s most sought-after expert and for only a handful of distinguished clients each year. Recently named, Florida Gulf Coast Builder of the Year, 2021 by the American Institute of Architects Gulf Coast Chapter, the prestigious award reflects the company’s iconic forty-year history of constructing bespoke waterfront homes.  

To enquire about their concierge level of service and construction process call +1 941 924 6900 or email [email protected] 

Photography from top to bottom: Ricky Perrone, Joshua McHugh Photography, Alex Baeckmann