Perrone Construction was featured by the Florida Green Building Coalition. Perrone Constructions’ impressive 8,189-square-foot residence on Bird Key referred to by its owners as the Palm House is lauded for its green attributes and has received a Platinum rating from the FGBC and LEED silver rating. Subsequently, this has made it the largest LEED-certified green home construction in Sarasota. Read an excerpt of the article below, and the full article on the FGBC site here.

Project Spotlight: Perrone Construction Bird Key Custom Home in Sarasota

Perrone Construction in Sarasota doesn’t let size matter. The company is committed to promoting and building green, even with its “McMansion” clientele. For example, this 8,189 s.f. custom green home construction in Sarasota is touted as being the largest green-certified home in Sarasota. It features a number of steel and concrete exterior wall structural elements. Additionally, it features Timberstrand recycled engineered studs on interior walls, and Insul-Deck insulated concrete forms floor systems.

The home received multiple green building certifications, including a platinum-level score of 199 from the Florida Green Building Coalition. Additionally, the home got an emerald rating under the National Green Building Standard, and a LEED silver rating. In addition to the green building certifications, the home earned a Florida Water Star Gold rating for water conservation and, using high-efficiency 16 SEER variable-speed, multi-zone air conditioning systems to reach a HERS of 59, met the requirements for Energy Star certification under the new, stringent Version 3.

As with all of Perrone’s green home construction and building projects in Sarasota and beyond, a comprehensive approach was taken and each component of the home was evaluated. FSC-certified tropical wood products were used for the custom mahogany entry and garage doors as well as custom built-ins. Low VOC paints and Venetian plaster were used for interior finishes.

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