Villa Azure: First Level Block

First level block work is well under way on this new Longboat Key home

Its an exciting time for our owners as the first walls on the home start to take shape and you can really start to get a true sense of the scale of a home. The block will be laid up to a point and poured with what is refereed to as a tie beam. The tie beam ties the entire structure together and provides the support needed for the floor system.

As the tradesmen lay up the block they are checking that the walls are square and plumb and that each measurement on the plan is met precisely. Prior to pouring the slab we had to place our window order, this was so that we could get what is called the masonry openings or MO’s and place our steel re bar in the right spot. The MO’s need to be very exact dimensionally.  The details of the windows and doors need to be thoroughly understood so that our poured sills and dimensions of the opening  work with the windows details and any trim work details.

Key Features:

  • Fully engineered structure (Storm strengthening)
  • No wood structure (House longevity)
  • No wood infill (House longevity)
  • Embedded hurricane ties (Storm strengthening)
  • Dap outs and sills with curbs at windows and doors (Weather proofing)

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This home sits on a very wide piece of property. The first level has only one bedroom with the rest of the space being common area

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Masons work on scaffolding building it higher as they go

Sarasota new construction

These masons are guys we’ve been working with for years and do excellent work.

Sarasota new construction

An overhead view of the days masonry work

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The cantilevered slab creates a shadow line under the structure giving way to a floating effect

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Masons lay up block at the garage

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