In the Market to Sell Your Sarasota Luxury Home? Have a Read!

 “What’s particularly hot? “Marble, windows and booze,” says Jed Kolko” while this isa boiled down version of the basic message of the article it still get the message across, buyers are responding to sellers that tout their homes luxury amenities. So, what is the hottest amenity to offer buyers of Sarasota New Luxury Homes? We believe that buyers of luxury Sarasota homes respond to excellent architectural design and execution of construction more than anything else. There are different things you expect to see in different sized homes so its hard to throw an all encompassing “Marble, windows and booze,” requirement on all luxury homes for sale, but we believe the most valuable amenity when getting ready to sell AND living in your home is great architectural design, one amenity every home should have but few homes do, so its easy to stand out in a crowded market.

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