Home Design: Elevating Your Art Collection

Incorporating Your Art Collection into Your Custom Home Design

Many of our clients move to Sarasota because they are drawn to our community’s thriving art culture, so incorporating invaluable works of art into our homes is customary, although not necessarily the first thing people think of when building a home. You wouldn’t be alone if you struggle with poorly considered light switches, thermostats and alarm panels while hanging your favorite pieces. Accounting for art collections early in design allows us to not only plan the necessary space, such as gallery walls, and to consider positioning to avert prolonged sun exposure, but to implement specialized lighting and climate control systems. As an artist and avid collector, myself, here are a few basic considerations:

  • Locate artwork including sizes on the floorplan
  • Consider ceiling heights and fixture locations; art light beam angles should be roughly 30°
  • When lighting, a color temperature range of 2,500K-3,000K is generally best for artwork
  • Ambient light should be controlled separately from your art lighting; both should be dimmable
  • The wattage ratio comparing ambient to art lighting should be roughly 1:3
  • Consider free-standing statues as well as wall art
  • Review rough ins before drywall and ensure art walls are kept clear

Art lighting is an art in itself. There are specialists who dedicate their careers to the craft and fixtures that can be specially modified to fit a specific statue or canvas. Consideration of artwork at the forefront of conceptual home design is critical to achieve a showcase worthy of your collection.

Authored by Ricky Perrone, President, Perrone Construction

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