As featured in international luxury investment and lifestyle magazine, Abode2, Perrone Construction is highlighted as a premiere builder for international buyers on Florida’s gulf coast.

Luxury Real Estate in Sarasota

Destination by Design

Renown for building Southwest Florida’s most iconic custom waterfront residences and luxury real estate in Sarasota, Perrone Construction’s systematic approach to construction allows them to build in any style with equal ease for clients local and abroad. Recently named the Florida Gulf Coast Builder of the Year 2021 by the American Institute of Architects, this honor is bestowed following an iconic forty-year history of bespoke waterfront homes. Luxury Real Estate in Sarasota

Southwest Florida with its globally acclaimed white quartz sand beaches, sun-drenched climate and waterfront lifestyle has always been a popular destination for international buyers, however, in the last several years we have seen an exceptional increase in market demand for luxury residences along the gulf coast, particularly in Sarasota. Florida’s thriving economy and low tax environment create an ideal investment of seasonal residences for overseas buyers looking to live out their dream while realizing steady property value appreciation. As a result, homes of every architectural style and worldly influences are gracing our shoreline, boasting culture and beauty. 

Renowned for building many of these stunning palatial waterfront residences and luxury homes in Sarasota, Perrone Construction’s time-tested and comprehensive approach enables the company to build beautiful homes in any style. They’ve been delivering for their local and global clientele for over forty-one years. Each of their homes embodies the highest levels of modern luxury and elevates the value of the property on which it resides. They leave a timeless legacy of their client’s unique vision for generations to come. 

Perrone Construction is Sarasota’s most iconic waterfront specialist and luxury home builder

Accustomed to working with a discerning clientele through a broad range of architectural styles, Perrone Construction is uniquely suited as Sarasota’s most iconic waterfront specialist and luxury home builder. Those who know Richard Perrone well, founder and CEO of Perrone Construction, know he perceives a project in his mind far differently than any other builder, creating for himself a deep understanding of not just function, but of design, history, and architecture.

A multigenerational company with son Ricky Perrone by his side, the team shares a passion for and has perfected the art and science of construction in Sarasota’s most beautiful locations. Paying homage to the authenticity of design on each of their projects, they will go through great lengths to achieve their distinct level of accuracy as they carefully study each design before them. On many occasions, they have traveled the globe documenting architectural design and the use of building materials in their native applications. Always thinking several steps ahead, their unyielding drive for perfection, interpretation of plans, and invaluable expertise can only be achieved through a lifetime of construction. 

The Importance of Architecture

Indeed, there is no better advocate of the importance of architecture than the team at Perrone Construction. As advocates of the art of architecture they bring their passion into anyone’s heart who spends the time to speak with them about architectural design.

“When my family would go on vacations, as kids I remember visiting some of the special places of the world and my dad would be studying intently the Duomo in Florence, the historic homes of Curacao, the flying buttresses of the Notre Dame, the Oculus in the Pantheon, or the plantation homes of Charleston. My brother and I would ask, and he’d explain the architecture in a way that would bring these places to life. It’s something my brother and I still do to this day. In fact, if we happen to be on vacation together, we’ll break away from the group to take our own architectural tour.” says Ricky Perrone, President of Perrone Construction.  

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Photography top to bottom: Alex Baeckmann, Ricky Perrone, Daniel Newcomb