Villa Azure stemwall

Villa Azure has gone vertical!

Follow along as we emerge from the dirt to put the first vertical structural components in place on this waterfront home!

Sarasota New Home Construction

The stem wall at Villa Azure is roughly six feet tall and we’ll be working on it into next week. This unique home has a cantilevered slab which sticks out beyond the edge of the stem wall by a foot. As the masons install the stem wall they grout each block into place and check square plumb and level. All new construction is required to conform to FEMA flood heights which dictate the lowest point you can put a finished floor in your home. The trick is meeting these requirements while still creating a home that relates well to the yard around it. Here we have a tall stemwall but at the end of the project you will see how we creatively conform to these stringent requirements while building homes that make it look effortless. Stay tuned!

View our finished homes here!

Longboat Key

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