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One of the most consistent remarks we hear from those that experience our homes in person is “there is something here I cannot put my finger on but there is an overall sense of high quality”. This is exactly the type of response we hope to evoke from our homes. Our commitment is to provide the best service ever.

Like a fine car or boat the experience comes not from any one detail but a confluence of each subtle detail and the execution of them. We are always working on our clients behalf to create a home that is as good as it can possibly be. We are one of the best Sarasota Custom Home Builders you can ever work with. Check out our projects and you will definitely love them!


1301 Westway

Formal and elegant, this architectural style was developed between 1720 and 1840 in England.



A very broad term that encompasses many subsets of a style found along the coastline of the Mediterranean sea. From Spain to Italy and Greece each of these cultures developed distinctly different architectural styles to deal with very similar conditions.

Low Country


A style found in the southern states of Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana, Low Country is an architectural style full of history and character.

West Indies


Exuding a strong sense of casual elegance, this old world style was brought over by settlers from Europe and adapted for conditions and materials found in the Caribbean

Condo Renovation


The Ritz Hotel, En Provence, The Ritz Beach Club, La Ambiance and The Ritz Towers. Our condominium projects are executed quickly and with precision. We’ve transformed many condominium residences from 3,000 to 9,000 square feet.

Under Construction

Custom Dutch West Indies Home

At any one time Perrone Construction has between six and eight projects at varying phases of construction, we are a boutique firm and our focus is on quality and customer service.

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