Indian Beach: Second Floor Block Work

We've moved right from installing the floor system and sheathing it to putting up the second floor block walls! Thank you for following along on on our Sarasota new construction blog. We hope to give everyone a glimpse into how these projects come together for our clients. We've had a busy couple of weeks going

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Villa Azure: First Floor Slab Pour

Its time to move into vertical structure on this unique piece of Sarasota architecture Its time to move into vertical structure on this unique piece of Sarasota architecture. Yesterday our team arrived on site bright and early to pour the first living level in this unique piece of Sarasota architecture. This was a unique slab

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Indian Beach: Trusses installed. Floor Sheathed. Block Stocked

Building a new custom home doesn't get much quicker than this As soon as tie beams set up we had forms stripped and our carpentry crew was on site to take delivery of our floor trusses and begin installing ledgers. On our projects we install J bolts for our ledgers rather than drill each ledger

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Indian Beach: Tie Beams and Poured Decks

After weeks of putting forms in place and bending steel today we poured first level tie beams and second level elevated concrete decks on this waterfront home The rains have tried unsuccessfully to slow our progress on this waterfront home. As of today we are pouring beams exactly according to our schedule thanks to careful

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Indian Beach: Making Progress On Block Work Despite the Rain

The first vertical structure on this new custom home is in place Not being under roof in rainy season has its challenges. Its always best to start a project so you are as  close as possible to being under roof by the time rainy season rolls around. Luckily we were able to work hard and

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We’ve set another record, this time with a waterfront custom home on Longboat Key

$7 million sale is a bayfront high point, Longboat Key waterfront custom home sets record. Closing price bests any in at least past decade for home on Longboat’s bay side The Perrone Construction and CMSA team is no stranger to their homes setting records at re-sale. The sale of their Longboat Key waterfront custom home

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