Christine and myself wish to thank Nautilus Homes. We are very pleased with our new home. All of the Perrone family were involved thru out the process. Building a home is a year long plus endeavor. Nautilus was involved from the start working with us and the architectural firm, CMSA. There are thousands of components that all fit together to make a home. One of the things that separate Nautilus from the pack is that they pay attention to all of these parts. It took the lumber supplier three deliveries of 2×4 wall studs before there were enough straight ones acceptable to Nautilus. The bottom chords of the roof trusses have 1×4 material nailed to them which provides a flat finished ceiling. They visualize all the parts before they are joined together to prevent work from being torn out and done over. And down to the last detail selecting a doorbell that is compatible with the style of your home. The list goes on.
Schedule was very important to us. We did not wish to drag this process out over 18 months which would have been easy to do. Our home start to finish was one year. This includes lot selection, purchase, architectural design ,drawing, and actual construction time of 9 months. To make this happen the builder needs to be working every day, keep their subs focused, and communicate with the owners, suppliers, and subs. Nautilus finished on time.
Thank you again to all of the Perrone’s, Richard, Ryan, and Rickey. I also worked very closely with project manager, Rick Oswald and of course Jean who keeps it all together.


Russell and Christine James


(Homes built for this client: 7706 Midnight Pass Road)

To Whom It May Concern:

Perrone construction built a 9,200 square foot home for me, gulf front, on Siesta Key approximately seven years ago. The project went very smoothly and Perrone’s approach to the project was very professional and fun. There was no demand of mine that was not met promptly and in a professional manner. My home was delivered on time and I had a great time working with Rich and his team to develop some very creative ideas. He was very good at interpreting my visions and turning them into something tangible.

Because of the involvement of Perrone Construction, I was able to make my dream house a reality. They earned my confidence and worked hard to maintain the confidence throughout the entire process. Not only were they professional and courteous, but extremely helpful from the initial design stages to the finished product. Perrone construction was able to create a unique, attractive, and fun-loving home and they were there every step of the way. They have been extremely attentive and dedicated, even long after my home was finished. I would give Perrone Construction my highest recommendation.


Brian C. James M.D.


(Homes built for this client: 4011 Shell Road)

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